Devel BITCOIN LEGEND (BCL) leveled up with Lockup&Staking and Network migration


Today’s world is in the fourth industrial revolution, and there is no doubt that blockchain technology will play an important role in it. Created to realize people’s ideals, BITCOIN LEGEND (BCL) aims to become a platform that builds a decentralized application ecosystem using blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and metaverse systems in the field of the fourth industrial revolution.

It has launched its App on both Google Play Store and Apple Store, and currently has about 2,500,000 users.

There is a 3 Earn strategy in BITCOIN LEGEND that provide users 3 ways to earn more tokens.


The first one is Mine to Earn, which addresses the problems of Bitcoin mining by making the mining process on smartphone. When the mined BCL is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, it serves as a digital asset as well as an investment. The second one is Make to Earn, users can make their own NFT avatars, NFT items, then buy and sell them to make a profit. BITCOIN LEGEND uses AI technology to create webtoon characters similar to the real users themselves. Users can also produce clothing, ornaments and other game items. Hero History is made by Webtoon and Song (Webtoon+Rapper’ Rap+NFT animation).


Bitlegend, a male character, currently has 765,000 views(, and Dark Slezenger, a female character, has 300,000 views(

Currently, the 3rd name is “Who is winner?”. It is a battle between good and evil, and several characters appear. The character are Dr. Zygol, Super Beast, and Wind Thunder. It is being produced on YouTube and will be uploaded in July.

The third one is Play to Earn, BITCOIN LEGEND network will implement economic activities on the metaverse using previously created NFT avatar cards, as well as virtual real estate, users can play the game or invest in virtual real estate on the metaverse and make a profit from these activities.

In addition to all these ways to earn BCL tokens, BITCOIN LEGEND is also starting a community airdrop which will distribute BCL for free util 3,000,000 users reaches. Community users can participate in the airdrop by installing BITCOIN LEGEND App. 

Where are BCL tokens listed?

1. where it is listed

LBank Crytocurrency Exchange(CEX)


2. Additional listing planned



1. Lockup & Staking system was updated

A lock-up was implemented to control the supply of mining, and the sale of volume was converted to long-term holding with staking interest.

2. Network Migration from ERC20 to BEP20 to reduce gas fees for withdrawal and NFT minting

The swap is conducted for users who have purchased BCL previously, and additional payments are made to reduce the cost of gas fee incurred when depositing. BCL mined is paid as BEP20 when paid after KYC, so there is no need for swap.

Swap ratio when migratingIncrease the additional payment rate when swapping Lbank cryptocurrency exchanges for trading activity for BCL liquidity

1. Lbank crytocurrency exchange ERC20 : BEP20 = 1 : 1.1 (10% additional payment)

2. BitcoinLegend Website ERC20 : BEP20 = 1 : 1.03 (3% additional payment)

Schadule of migration on Lbank:

1. Suspension announcement : 29th June

2. Suspend deposit/withdrawal: 30th June

3. Suspend trading: 30th June

How to do migrationRefer to the Website (

3. The Hero NFT card will be sold to Binance NFT and Opensea.

10,000 hero NFT cards are being produced, of which 8,000 are scheduled to be whitelisted for pre-sale. 1,500 BCL per Hero NFT card will be sold. All BCL deposited through NFT card sales to the BCL foundation account will be burned to improve the market value of BCL tokens. The remaining 2,000 Hero NFT cards will be auctioned off.

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