Qmall Expands Business to Metaverse

NEW YORK, NY, June 10, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Qmall, the Ukrainian crypto exchange, is to launch itsMetaverse. Mykola Udianskyi, the founder of Qmall, is planning to realize this ambition by the end of 2022, believing that Metaverse is the future of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a true breakthrough and a new digital morality. Just like everything in the digital world, it is a dynamic and developing field. Nowadays, Metaverses are a working tool that will gain momentum in the next 3 years. The conversion of a certain crypt into NFT projects inside – like the purchase of real estate – is the Metaverse.

In fact, such activities are already on the market and need a push. Qmall is to create a Metaverse with major influencers. Everybody who is in the Metaverse will have their own areas and houses. They will do whatever they want in the world of influencers: contact them, go to concerts, communicate at celebrity’s houses. In addition, Metaverse will have the digital infrastructure of supermarkets, shopping malls, and other locations where it is possible to purchase different products and services for tokens.

The Metaverse economy spans both the digital and physical worlds. The main thing here is an element of a decentralized economy running on the blockchain.

Qmall Metaverse will become the first one created on the basis of crypto exchange. It will be a real breakthrough for Ukraine and the whole world: the launch will turn the Ukrainian crypto market into a lucrative investment.

‘Metaverse is the future that is still coming – in the current form, it looks a little funny to me. But in 3-4 years it will not be funny at all. The same start had cryptocurrency. The situation is just like the birth of personal computers. Customers were amused with their first computers, but the story ended up with technologies that break the mind,’ says Mykola Udianskyi.

Recently, Udianskyi was named Digital currency influencer at World Influencers and Blogger Awards 2022. It’s a unique platform in the influencers industry for creating business networking.

Crypto metaverse seems to be a very perspective issue. Now Qmall is attracting popular influencers who would like to develop in the crypto world.

About Qmall

Qmall is a brand created by an international group of companies headquartered in Ukraine. It’s been granted a European cryptocurrency license that allows Qmall’s existing 100,000 plus users to now trade in Euro pairs with the lowest fees in the industry. Qmall creates innovative acquiring products that make the process of payment and accounting for cash and non-cash payments simple and convenient. At Qmall you can trade, exchange, store, and earn cryptocurrency. The company has started its cooperation with EasyPaySystem.ro, one of the largest payment systems in the EU, which has its own network of terminals covering all applications. Soon, European exchange customers will be able to fill in the balance in cash Euros throughout Europe.

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