ArtemisX Announces Project Launch on Binance Smart Chain

London, UK — ArtemisX, an evolutionary auto-staking protocol that pays interests and BUSD rewards, has announced the launch of its project on the Binance Smart Chain [BSC]. It is purely a decentralized financial asset that rewards users passively for holding tokens on a sustainable fixed compound interest protocol.

On the ArtemisX ecosystem, token holders can earn rewards in stablecoins like BUSD—the Binance Exchange stablecoin.

ArtemisX is a frictionless and auto-staking blockchain-based system where users merely hold and earn 0.02169% of rewards every fifteen minutes—ninety-six times a day. No staking is required on ArtemisX; users only need to hold tokens to earn.

ArtemisX employs the dual reward system where tokens holders earn rewards for holding tokens and a fixed high auto-compounding bonus of 199.9% annual percentage yield [APY].

ArtemisX is inspired by the forthcoming NASA foray to the moon. Scheduled for June 2022, Artemis Mission III aims to achieve a significant feat by taking the first woman to the moon.

Features of the ArtemisX Project

ArtemisX offers token owners a reward every fifteen minutes, 199.9% APY, and 5% of trading fees generated are shared amongst holders in BUSD stablecoin.

ArtemisX also introduces an Insurance Fund. Aimed at providing the needed support and backing to the existing rebase system, the Insurance Fund will guarantee the long-term and sustainable growth of the project. Additionally, it will reduce risks associated with auto-staking and compounding protocols in the crypto space.

Yet another upside of the BSC-based project is the ArtemisX Treasury. This product will back the development and marketing of products and future services. Another innovative project is ROCKETFUEL—an advanced mining platform that requires BNB holders to deposit a percentage of their holdings and earn as much as 8% of their deposits daily.

Benefits for $ARTEMISX Token Holders

$ARTEMISX token holders will receive limited early access to all new products and services. Currently, the auto-staking Binance-based protocol is working to create and subsequently launch a new product that incorporates move2earn [M2E] tokenomics—a recently introduced phenomenon that rewards platform users for participating in certain outdoor and indoor activities like swimming, running, jogging, etc.

To reduce the circulating token supply and upscale the token’s value, the ArtemisX team integrates an auto-burn mechanism. 1.5% of $ARTEMISX used in transactions is set aside for this.

Additionally, ArtemisX has hired Solidity Finance to audit its smart contracts. After a careful and thorough audit, ArtemisX is deemed one of the few protocols in the budding space to have full passes, thus solidifying its claim as a secure and safe project.

By introducing a suite of groundbreaking features, ArtemisX is poised to simplify the crypto investment process. Anyone, regardless of crypto expertise, can seamlessly use traditional fiat payment methods by merely visiting and using ArtemisX’s fiat-on-ramp partner, Flooz Trade.

Flooz verifies all KYC regulations.

About ArtemisX

ArtemisX is a Binance Smart Chain-based auto-staking platform that aims to reward users for simply holding tokens. Providing a sustainable passive income source, ArtemisX incorporates the dual reward system where BNB holders receive rewards for depositing a percentage of their holdings. By introducing novel features and partnering with Flooz Trade, ArtemisX hopes to be a one-stop shop for all crypto users.

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