Play and earn in the Bitgames.World metaverse

Play and earn in the Bitgames.World metaverse

We live in a unique time of change and opportunity. The last few years have been under the umbrella of the NFT. The slogan “Play to earn” no longer sounds like someone’s dream, but a very real direction. The global NFT art market is estimated by analysts to be over $50 billion and is only continuing to grow.

The UK-based IT company named Bit Games World has decided to contribute to the development of this sphere by launching its metaverse and a series of games based on Binance Smart Chain. The lineup features three upcoming games: Minermen, Girl Fights and Bit Robots. The last two of which are still in development, but we can talk more about Minermen. The launch of the test network took place in Q4 2021 and has already managed to attract the attention of many large cryptocurrency funds.

Already now, the team is in closed beta testing phase and very soon each of us will be able to dive into a fascinating metaverse of Bit Games World games.

What does it have in store for us?

It has an exciting storyline and a shop of NFT-attributes that will help miners mine more minerals, thereby increasing the earnings of their owners. These items will also be obtainable in the game. All of them will be available for personal use as well as for sale creating another additional source of income for players.

There are 3 options for earning items in the BitGames.World metaverse:

1) BOUNTY and REFERRAL SYSTEM. You can earn without any investments, you just need to register on Bit Games World website and get your ref link. Send the ref link to your friends and acquaintances and you will receive 11% of their purchase and every day you will receive 5% of their earnings.

2) You get the NFT hero or several heroes, 6 of them in total. They differ in their cost and productivity. The more expensive the character, the more experienced he is and the more profit he will be able to bring you. The minimum cost for a character is 50 BUSD (USDT) and the maximum cost is 10,000 BUSD (USDT). The hero brings profit every day, the withdrawal of profits is instant and commission-free. The number of heroes to buy at this stage is unlimited, but take the time to buy, because the prices of them, as the recognition of Bit Games World , grow. You can find out more details on their website as well as social media.

3) BitGames.World Airdrop. You can get 100,000 BGW tokens ($100 at the initial rate) metaverse tokens for free.

To get BGW Coins ($100) for free:

1) Register in the

2) Subscribe to this telegram channel

3) Subscribe to our Twitter

4) Invite a friend using your referral link (it is available in your personal account on the website)

5) Repost any of our tweets by adding the hashtags #NFT #Airdrop #IDO #ICO #Whitelist #P2P

Send links and screenshots to :

BGW coins will be credited to your personal account on the website.

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