Fujisawa Toyama Group Releases the Report on Electric Vehicle Gains

TORONTO, CA / March 02, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / Recently, Fujisawa Toyama Group has released the report on Electric Vehicle Gains. Analysts from Fujisawa Toyama Group have highlighted that Russia, one of the world’s largest oil producers, continues to drive its prices higher due to the recent sanctions imposed by western countries. With tensions still escalating in Ukraine, increasing oil prices give investors the possible fear of a potential energy crisis ahead. While prices continue to soar, analysts from Fujisawa Toyama Group have noted that electric vehicle (EV) makers are also on the rise.

Since Monday, Telsa Inc. shares have rallied over seven percent on the NASDAQ. Market analysts believe there is a direct correlation between heightened oil prices and the increasing value of EV companies.

“Oil prices are likely to play a huge role and impact new car buyers. Instead of paying out increased annual fuel costs, buyers seem to be more attracted to switching to electric vehicles,” noted Anthony Stone, Director of Global Securities at Fujisawa Toyama Group.

New sales market data suggests that the price to fill up a Tesla would cost around $10; on the other side, a gasoline-powered car would cost up to five times that amount, reinforcing the more attractive switch to electric vehicles.

“With rising oil prices, tensions escalating in Europe, and environmental, solid and governance (ESG) laws continuing to be adopted, we are seeing the perfect environment for EV companies as their market value continues to soar,” added Thomas Carter, Head of Equities Trading at Fujisawa Toyama Group.

Automakers understand that the most crucial factor is adopting cheaper and more reliable batteries. Over the next few years, they are looking to cut battery costs in half, which would mean three to four thousand dollars off the purchase price of a new EV.

That is food for thought for the likes of Tesla and also Apple Inc., which is reportedly building its long-awaited electric vehicle, set for release in 2024. There are multiple moving parts to consider when assessing the influence of any commodity price on broad EV adoption. EV adoption over the long term will be determined by whether or not EVs are superior to conventional cars in terms of cost, quality, and driving metrics.

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