Why Is My Laptop Battery Not Charging?When Will You Need to Change My Laptop Battery?

With the use time getting longer, notebooks will have various problems. There is a phenomenon that the notebook can be used for a long time when it is disconnected from the power supply, but the battery can’t be charged due to the long use time, leading to the notebook computer’s inability of being used without the power supply finally.

Why is this situation happening and how to solve it?

1. Software Problems

Generally speaking, many computer brands, such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, etc., will equip their notebooks with power management software during the production. If a certain “battery protection mode” is enabled, the power management software will prohibit the battery from charging and discharging after detecting that the user uses AC power, so as to prolong the service life of the battery.

Therefore, if you find that your notebook is not charged, you can first enter the relevant power management software, turn off the battery protection mode or tick off the charging prohibition option. If there is nothing wrong with the hardware, the battery can be charged later.

2. Hardware Problems

There are hardware problems of the battery itself. Generally speaking, we can judge by restarting the computer and reseating the battery. If the battery still can’t be charged, you may want to install some hardware detection applications to get the approximate reference information of battery loss.

If a battery hardware failure can be determined, you’ll be recommended do not open it by yourself or try to repair it, because there will be certain risks. In this way, it is better to find someone professional to repair it.

Most laptop batteries are rechargeable and can be replaced by the user. Laptop battery replacement would typically involve removing a few screws from certain parts of the computer’s case to access the battery unit. The old battery is then removed and a new one inserted into its place with all connections re-attached as necessary before replacing any panels or covers on your machine.

The usual lifespan for a standard lithium-ion laptop battery is about three years under normal usage conditions. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your battery when it reaches this age limit.

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