5 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2020 with Reviews and Tips

Excellent tips and detailed reviews that help you select the best press release distribution service.

Whether you are running a small or big organization, content distribution is one of the biggest marketing strategies. So how are you amplifying your marketing tactics? Are your strategies providing you the fruitful results, or are you struggling to get the required attention for your brand? If making your business visible seems challenging to you, then going with the best press release distribution service could be the best idea.

What is the press release distribution service, and why choose it?

Press release distribution service is the facility that circulates your release to media, journalists, and top-tier news networks. Its purpose is to provide coverage to your brand story and position it in front of the audiences interested in your brand.

Unless you distribute it on a wide network, your potential customers will be unable to view it. Your whole purpose of creating the press release will be defeated if people won’t see it.

When you have good media coverage, it boosts your visibility, and people will learn more about your brand. This will surely boost your business, sales, and profits.

But you need to be very careful while selecting the best press release distribution service. This is vital because you will be able to get the required attention towards your brand when it is visible to a wider audience. The required media coverage will only be possible when you are working with the best press release distribution service that has a wider network to circulate your release.

Are you wondering how to differentiate between the best press release distribution service and the others to make the right decision? We can make it easy for you with our tips to select the right service. Take a look!

Tips To Select the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Here are the tips that will guide you in your selection process of the best press release distribution service.

White Label Press Release Distribution Services

If you have shortlisted some of the services, see through them, are they providing the white label press release distribution services? Is yes, then you can go ahead with that service to look for the other required features in your best press release distribution service.

White-label service is the one that publishes your press release without mentioning its service name in your press release. Circulating your press release with your unique identity helps in creating more engagement among the customers. Moreover, it also displays that your brand has the expertise that is required in the competitive market.

Guaranteed Placement

We have also discussed this above that your press release is not successful unless it is viewed extensively. To make it go through the target audience’s eyes, you need to get it distributed across a wide network. So, while selecting the best press release distribution, take into account the network coverage of that respective service. Look for it whether the service is providing you the guaranteed placement. If yes, then go ahead.

But if your shortlisted service does not guarantee you the placement of press release on the top-tier news network, then there’s no point in moving ahead with that service.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter how well the service is if you are not able to use it efficiently because of its complex design or features. Do you think if you are not able to access a few of its features, it won’t matter much? If you think so, then we think you are risking your visibility. What about if your missed features were responsible for boosting engagement or visibility. So, missing out on even a single feature can make you lose your potential customers.

The interface of a particular service plays a vital role in your selection process. Do not go for too complicated services. To get a better idea about the functionality, it is always advised to see the demo, look for reviews, and then make a decision.

Affordable Service

Where ease of use and the best features are essential, the cost of a particular service is equally important. Do not go excessively over your budget. You can find the best press release distribution service within an affordable budget.

It is often said that do not leave a good service if it is a little higher than your budget. True! But digging a hole in your pocket is also not recommended.

Go for the ones that are within your estimated budget, compare features, and then make the selection that gives you all the facilities at an affordable cost.

Distribution Channels

Different services offer different levels of memberships with varied distribution channels. So before selecting the service, compare the membership levels that the chosen press release services are offering.

You will get extensive channels for your coverage in the premium level membership, but less in others. So, look for the ones that are giving the required coverage. Also, see whether the service is offering coverage, targeting the specific geographical area. This feature will be beneficial when you need to focus on some specific areas with your press release.

Prefer Quality over Quantity

Do not get overwhelmed if you find the service that is distributing more press releases at a very low price. When you are circulating press releases, you need to focus on its quality. If you fail to distribute an engaging press release, your target behind using PR services won’t be achieved.

Your shortlisted service may boost to distribute the press release on thousands of channels. But if it is not placed properly in the software, it won’t be able to give you the expected results. The best press release distribution service is the one that focuses more on the quality and the method of placement than quantity.

Send Release to Journalists over Newsrooms

Some press release distribution services send your press releases only to the newsrooms. If you are developing your interest in any of such services, then chances are there of not getting the desired visibility. Wondering, why?

Journalists are responsible for providing adequate media coverage to your press releases. But when your press release is sent to the newsroom instead, a journalist never gets a chance to see it. With that, the required media coverage is also missed. So, your selected service will be considered the best press release distribution service, if it is forwarding the press release directly to the journalists, who are interested in covering your news.

Analyze Success

Do you think the role of the PR service is only limited to the creation and distribution of the press release over the wider network? No! Analyzing or measuring the success of your service is equally important. Only then you will be able to track what level of engagement your press release is getting.

Follow-ups are very necessary to gain the desired visibility. So the best press release distribution service will give you better insights into your success with periodic follow-ups.

Select the Reputed Best Press Release Distribution Service

Never fail to check the reputation of the respective service. The reputed the service is, the better credibility and visibility you will get. Your selected professional and reputed service will help you with the usage of right and authentic tactics and tools, and this will prove fruitful for your business.

Also, look at the traffic that the respective press release service is getting. The more traffic the service is getting, the chances of them providing the best results also increase.


If you find the service is good, but still wondering whether or not to select the service, then take a look at the testimonials. It will clear your doubts. If the customers are happy with the services, they must have left the testimonials expressing satisfaction with the respective service.

Reviews from customers will surely help you make better decisions and select the best press release distribution service. If you see negative or no reviews, it would be better to reconsider your decision and select only the one that has received excellent reviews because of its best and exceptional features.

We have discussed several tips that will help you in making the right decision in the selection of the best press release distribution service.

Along with all these tips, you can also look for additional features as per your requirements. These include content optimization with engaging pictures and videos, eBooks, and whitepapers for improving your press releases creation and distribution.

Your spent money will prove worth only when you get the desired results with the best press release distribution service.

 5 Best Press Release Distribution Services

Here are some of the best services that might fit your requirements.

1. Asia Presswire

With the strongest PR Network, Asia Presswire is one of the best press release distribution services that help you publish your press releases on top tier news outlets. ABC, NBC, CBC, FOX, Bloomberg, USA Today, Yahoo, MarketWatch, Associated Press are some of the outlets on which you can see your press release spreading like wildfire.

Asia Presswire is best for?

Those who are looking for professional marketing solutions, Asia Presswire is the best service for them.

What made Asia Presswire win the trust of thousands of startups, businesses, and even digital marketing agencies?

100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service

The 100% White Label feature ensures that the name of Asia Presswire will not be mentioned in your press release. Moreover, your press release will also not be published on the official website of the Asia Presswire. What more can you ask for, than publishing a press release without the inclusion of any third-party name? Undoubtedly it is the biggest advantage for your business.

Guaranteed Placement

When you are working with Asia Presswire, the service guarantees you to distribute your press release on top tier news and media sites. ABC, NBC, FOX, Bloomberg, USA Today, MarketWatch, Associated Press, and Yahoo are some of the leading names among them.

Strongest PR Network

The strongest PR network includes more than 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and above 90 million social media influencers. When you have a service with such a broad network, you will surely be successful in making your press release reach to wider audiences.

Chinese Distribution Network

Along with English press release distribution service, you also get the facility of distributing your press releases over the top Chinese media outlets.

Increases Brand Awareness

When your press release is featured on leading news sites and media, the visibility and credibility of your brand automatically increase.

How to Register and Submit your Press Release

Select the package that fits your requirements.

Create and then submit the press release to promote your business.

Watch your press release spreading like wildfire.

2. PR Newswire

The service helps you in sharing your story and reaching new audiences with its largest network and best press release distribution services. From boosting awareness to attracting new audiences, giving media coverage to your business, and guiding conversations, PR Newswire helps you in all.

PR Newswire is best for?

Businesses that are looking to boost their marketing to achieve their communication objectives can find this service beneficial.

How PR Newswire helps you in achieving your communication goals?

Strongest Network

The service has the widest distribution network that includes more than 4000 websites, 3000 media outlets, and above 550 systems for news content. PR Newswire also provides services for journalists, media-only community with above 20,000 unique visitors.

Optimize with Multimedia

The service helps you in engaging audiences by optimizing your press release with rich visuals. When your optimized press release is distributed on the largest network, along with boosting the visibility, engagement is also increased three times.

Actionable Insights

You can evaluate the results of your press release with visible reports on your performance and after analyzing your audience’s engagement rate.

Earned Media

The more media coverage you get, the more your story will amplify. PR Newswire service is worth of generating media pickup and makes your press release noticed among bloggers, journalists, and other top press release sources.

Online Syndication

When you get a chance to share your press release beyond your properties, it is considered as a successful promotion. PR Newswire helps you in achieving this by distributing your press release across its leading online syndication network. The big names associated with this network that attract large viewership are Yahoo! Finance, Business Journals, Newsweek, CNBC, Readers Digest, New York Magazine, and NewsNow.

How to Register and Submit your Press Release

Create your account by filling the required details; select the package that fits your requirements and budget. Now you are ready to distribute your press release on the largest network of PR Newswire.


3. Globe Newswire

Share your press release to increase awareness about your business or brand and achieve your communication objectives with Globe Newswire’s best press release distribution services. You will get all the tools that are required for getting earned media results.

Globe Newswire is best for?

Agencies, Specialists, and companies of different sizes looking to reach their audiences at the right time can use Globe Newswire press release services.

How Globe Newswire helps in boosting your company’s exposure?

Real-time Monitoring

The brand monitoring tool of the Globe Newswire helps you monitor all your global news conversations in real-time. With actionable and meaningful insights, you stay informed about your progress and brand visibility.

Stay Connected With the Relevant Media and Influencers

You will get a tailored list of the recommended journalists who are interested in your press release and writing about the topics that your service covers. These contacts are automatically recommended by the Globe Newswire’s AI-powered real-time database.

Engage Customers by Publishing Your Brand Story

The online newsroom helps you in publishing the consent that showcases your brand story. Moreover, the fully customizable and manageable newsroom never gets outdated. The news and your branded content keep on updating it automatically.

Amplify Your Brand

The user-generated content and engaging stories amplify’s online media exposure and also boost your customer engagement.

Measure Your Success

Globe Newswire service gives you a complete overview of your press release performance. The better insights into your service and PR outreach analytics let you understand the impact of the press release on your business.

How to Register and Submit your Press Release

Signup without any commitment and credit card details. Experience its working with the free trial and then select your preferred package to maximize your success with your press release.


4. PRWeb

Impact customer behavior and boost your digital word of mouth with the best release distribution service of the PR Web. The enhanced distribution network of the service will make your release reach wide audiences. From the last 20 years, PRWeb has boosted online awareness, website traffic, and also helped in engaging new customers for thousands of companies.

PRWeb is best for?

Business Owners, PR Professionals, Social Media Experts, Marketing Professionals, and Industries who are looking to increase their brand’s digital footprint can use this service. More than 30,000 companies are already using PRWeb services.

How PRWeb helps in boosting your company’s exposure?

Online Coverage

With the best services of the PR Web, your story is shared with targeted media websites, blogs, search engines, social networks, and also on industry publications. Your press release is shared much beyond your channels.

Search Visibility

SEO is an effective marketing strategy that makes your brand visible in the top search results to make your content easily discovered by your audiences. PRWeb boosts your visibility and search engine results with its powerful SEO solution.

Earned Coverage

Whether you need to reach bloggers or journalists, it is no more complicated with the PRWeb services. They make you easily reach the ones who are interested in your story and will cover it.

PR Services

24/7 support, cloud integration, content proofreading, and the best PR practices, PRWeb makes you available with all.

How to Register and Submit your Press Release

Compare packages and select the one that fits your requirements and budget. Now you are all set to create, and share your press release, and measure your performance.

 5.  BusinessWire

When thousands of press releases are distributed daily, make your press release stand out in the tough competition with the best press release distribution services of BusinessWire. From the past 60 years, BusinessWire is helping organizations by equipping them with everything that is required to connect with their target customers.

BusinessWire is best for?

When you want to make your story heard in this highly competitive environment, PRWeb could be an ideal choice.

How BusinessWire helps in boosting your company’s exposure?

Patented News Network

The service distributes your press release with the leading patented network, NX. Your press release will easily reach the key organizations, and participants, with the best services of BusinessWire.

Updated Web Formatting

The updated formatting tools of the service retain all your style elements while distributing your press release on top sites like MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, Dow Jones, etc.

Social Media Sharing Links

You will get free sharing links of social media, to submit your press release on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various others. Your company logo will also be displayed freely, which will also boost your branding efforts.

How to Register and Submit your Press Release

Contact BusinessWire to set up your account, learn more about its product and services, and also the pricing information. Once the account is set up, you can submit your press release to make it reach a broader network.

Closing Words

Compare different services, consider the coverage and services, and the tips discussed above to select the best service. Select the one with the best features, and better visibility with guaranteed placement for the success of your press releases.

We hope our discussed tips will help you select the best press release distribution service!

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