SingularityNET Launches AGI Platform Based On ‘AI + Blockchain’ Technology

Recently, SingularityNET announced that AGItoken based on ‘AI+Blockchain’ technology was officially launched on the HKEXus platform on April 7. As a de-centralized platform for artificial intelligence, AGI provides a series of services based on blockchain AI for organizations or individuals that have no conditions to independently develop artificial intelligence, covering areas requiring artificial intelligence such as marketing, publicity, games, VR, personal assistants, unmanned driving, etc. In short, AGI is an application store about artificial intelligence.

The current artificial intelligence is largely about the application of machine learning in mass data. Blockchain technology uses distributed Network + Asymmetric encryption algorithm to effectively connect the formed information in series. Artificial intelligence helps human beings find useful information in massive data, while blockchain makes efficient use of information.

“In order to realize human’s great dream of artificial intelligence, everyone must consider small things, even very small things. The trend of cloud data dominance is changing. The future artificial intelligence will be decentralized”, said Chen Xiaoxiang, CEO of Hainan Pushi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Chen Haibo, founder of DeepBlue Science and Technology and DeepBlue Academy of Sciences, pointed out that substantial breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and other technologies have improved the real artificial intelligence bases. “Smart City” is mentioned by more and more enterprises. Therefore, building intelligent systems, consolidating intelligent construction and strengthening science and technology have become the necessary means to realize the integration of intelligent technology and urban development. Smart city is an important work, because it is a complex system. With the help of AI, more value-added services based on data mining and innovative applications have been created, which have promoted profound changes in the industrial value chain and organizational form, and helped the transformation and upgrading of cities.

SingularityNET insists that A + B (AI + Blockchain) is the future development direction of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology. The judgment of this direction is based on the current development status of AI and the advantages of blockchain technology. With the help of blockchain technology, AGI platform realizes the evolutionary game of man-machine nodes on the same time scale. Finally, through the integration of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology, man-machine is introduced into the direction of good and sustainable development.

SingularityNET holds that the rapid development of AI technology has begun to affect all aspects of people’s life and work. Data tampering requires little cost and is difficult to identify. How do people judge the authenticity of data? People’s own experience alone cannot compete with AI counterfeiting technology. However, the tamper-proof nature of blockchain technology is bound to become a necessary basic technology in the future.

AGI is the first and only platform that allows AI to conduct scale cooperation. It solves a major factor that restricts the growth of artificial intelligence today-lack of interoperability, which severely limits people’s ability to make full use of the advantages and capabilities of independent AI.

All kinds of companies, organizations and individuals can authorize their AI agents to participate in the market, purchase or sell products and services through the AGI platform. It makes artificial intelligence no longer exist in isolated islands, and no longer need to rely on specific companies, infrastructure or industries to operate. Using the AGI market, AI can purchase rare and valuable data sets or analysis functions that normally need to be developed internally from scratch. Using the AGI market, AI can also profit from its own assets and create great value from proprietary information, algorithms and functions.

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